And in our spare time…

by admin on January 17, 2011

(That’s a joke — no one in this industry has spare time, and especially not when someone asks you to knit them something for free!)

Knitgrrl Studio is also the home of Cooperative Press, a fiber arts publishing company. Our most recent title, Silk Road Socks, was just released, and we’ll be doing the photoshoot for our next 10-book series, Fresh Designs, at the Studio in February.

You never know what you might see here — before Christmas at the Last Minute Market held in our building, we had gorgeous burlesque dancers dressed as elves taking photos with people outside our door. (You should have seen the look on one particular Boy Scout’s face as he had his picture taken!)

So, in short, there’s always something exciting happening at Knitgrrl Studio — let us ring in the new year with lessons or project help today!

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